Level 1 Dental, Step 2 Restrictions

As Metropolitan Melbourne takes the Second Step down the coronavirus road to recovery, we are back at A.D.A. Level 1 Dental Restrictions. Much sooner than expected, yay!
We couldn’t be prouder and we are humbled by the hard work and the sacrifices all Melbournians have done to get here.
But what do Level 1 Dental Restrictions mean?
This means we can see you for ALL DENTAL PROCEDURES!  Yes, you read it right: for ALL procedures, including your regular scale and cleans.
However, our strict COVID hygiene protocols will remain in place. Meaning that you will still be triaged over the phone, asked to wash your hands prior to taking a seat, and of course, the antiseptic mouth rinse. All these on top of our rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures that are here only to keep you and us safe.
But more importantly, if you have flue like symptoms, fever, coughing, or if you’re feeling unwell, please contact us to reschedule.
See you soon!
  MRDS Team 

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