Stage 4 Restrictions – What Do They Mean

Lockdown 2.0, Level 3 Dental Restrictions, and stage 4 restrictions – what do they all mean?
According to the latest workplace restrictions issued by the Victorian Government effective as of 6th of August, all public and private health services, dentists included, are on the list of permitted workplaces providing urgent care.
The Department of Health and Health Services Victoria (DHHSV) states that care and health care is one of the four reasons for which you can leave your home during Stage 4 restrictions.
That means, we are allowed to, we want to, and we are open. Why?
Because we know that times are tough, now more than ever.
Home schooling, isolation, loss of freedom, income or sense of purpose, they all take a huge toll on our mental health. On top of the existing stress and anxiety levels, add limited outdoor time, reduced physical activity and constant snacking. Teeth brushing will be the first habit to get neglected and so, the condition for the perfect storm of bacteria in your mouth is formed.
Did you know that your mouth is the first line of defence against numerous bad bacteria and viruses, including a respiratory virus like COVID-19?
Please, do not ignore the health of your mouth, it’s more important and connected to the health of your body than you’d think.
And as DHHSV states on its website:
“ If you need to see a doctor or health care professional, you should do so. Do not put off getting medical care. Your doctor or health care professional can provide advice on how to stay safe.”
Not sure if or how that applies to you? Give us a call on 9391 1050 and we will guide you. Rest assured that our thorough triage protocol, rigorous infection control and over the top cleaning and disinfecting procedures are here only to keep you and us safe.
Keep safe,

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